sculpture and monument conservation

B.R. Howard has many years experience with sculpture and monument conservation services. BRH has worked on indoor sculptures and outdoor public art monuments.


sculpture and monument conservation portfolio


Sculpture conservation

Our sculpture conservation staff has experience working with objects of varying size and material. If your sculpture is of a size that is able to be shipped, we can coordinate crating, rigging and shipping to our studio where we can perform any necessary treatments and assessments. If the sculpture is large or placed in a way that shipping is not an option, our staff can travel and do the assessment and sculpture conservation treatment right on site.

We’ve worked on sculptures made of marble, bronze, wood, stone, metals and more. Our conservation services include treating cracks, breaks, flaking paint, patina issues, fire/smoke/water damage, and structural issues. We have extensive experience in hot and cold wax treatments, corrosion, patina, and damage correction. Our staff has completed assessments of large sculpture collections and can develop recommended treatment maintenance plans for optimal care. We highly suggest regular maintenance on sculptures and monuments to prevent any issues with coating or environment damage. Taking time every year or every few years to assess the condition of your sculptures and monuments now can save you time and money later.

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