Public Art Conservation Services

B.R. Howard works with you wherever you are in your conservation process. From assessments to training, we’ve got you covered.


Regular maintenance of public art ensures that your city, campus, or community looks it’s best at all times. By treating your collection on a regular schedule, you can prevent many common issues.


Our skilled conservators will treat any outstanding issues and properly complete reoccurring routine maintenance on public art pieces according to AIC guidelines.


Our team will document and evaluate the current condition of your public art. Photos will be taken of each asset and a report will be provided outlining suggested routine care along with steps for treating problematic areas.


Our staff will provide hands-on training for your community’s staff to learn how to properly care for your public art.

Caring for your public art is caring for your community.

Public art is created in reflection of the community itself and can take form as sculpture, paintings, architectural features, and more. Recently, public art has gained incredible momentum and popularity as there have been countless success stories about communities who have improved their downtowns by choosing the right public art. Percent for art programs and grants have helped encourage communities to implement public art programs. Public art can bring incredible economic value to a community, making it an asset worth properly maintaining. Our conservation services keep your public art looking its best so your collection is a source of inspiration for your community and an attractant for tourism.

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