Art conservation for campuses

We can help you by preparing the tangible objects that support your mission.

Campuses are the incubators for students to grow, learn, and prepare for life. This happens both in and out of the classroom. While listening to professors, writing papers, and participating in labs are all part of this process, the campus itself can be the foundation for the inspiration to press on. Art collections and museums are central to the vitality and energy of a campus. They provide voice and tangibility to a campus’ mission, history, and future plans. In our research, we’ve found that public art has an incredibly positive impact on a campus and the students that live there. With all of this at stake, it is crucial that these statues, monuments, paintings and other artistic assets are well taken care of. Our goal in partnering with campuses is to properly care for these important assets so that they can continue to vibrantly display the mission of the campus and inspire the students, faculty, and public.

Our Conservation Services


An assessment is the good place to start to learn more about the condition of your collection. Our trained staff will thoroughly examine your pieces and help you understand the treatment that the piece needs, how urgently it needs done, and how often it should be treated.


Creating a consistent art maintenance schedule ensures that each piece in your collection is getting the proper care it needs at the appropriate frequency it deserves.


Our skilled conservators always provide treatment in compliance with AIC standards. This includes any type of repair, restoration, maintenance, or preservation techniques.


If your staff has never been properly trained in how to care for your public art (or just needs a refresher), one of our conservators can teach your staff the best practices and techniques for your collection.

Other services include

  • Art storage

  • Exhibit design

  • Mount making

  • Installations

Campus Clients

Bucknell University
Lewisburg, PA

Penn State University
State College, PA

Harvard University
Boston, MA

Mary Baker Eddy Library
Boston, MA

Dickinson College
Carlisle, PA

Washington & Lee University
Lexington, VA

Milton Hershey School
Hershey, PA

Girard College
Philadelphia, PA

Messiah College
Grantham, PA

Wilson College
Chambersburg, PA

University of Mississippi
University, MS

Lafayette College
Easton, PA

Lehigh University
Lehigh, PA

Historic New England
Boston, MA

Arkansas Technical University
Russellville, AR

Shippensburg University
Shippensburg, PA


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