Our Facilities 

B. R. Howard & Associates, Inc. conservation facility is situated on 2.5 acres in a rural setting less than 7 miles from the two major transportation corridors.  The laboratory was constructed in 2006 specifically to serve as a structure for conservation activities and is comprised of two onsite buildings and one offsite storage facility.

The two onsite buildings total 6725 square feet. The conservation laboratory is divided into three areas: a fully equipped wood working shop, an area for small object conservation, and a third space for large or macro artifacts. The large or macro artifact area is accessed by a pair of large (12'W x 10'H and 12'W x 12'H) insulated over head doors. The floors are 6 inch thick steel reinforced concrete designed to support artifacts exceeding 8 tons. Ceiling height is 14 feet high and 13'2" under the central steel support beams.

The laboratory is equipped with:

  1. 1 ton Lift Tech Hoist
  2. 200 AMP electrical service
  3. 80 gal / 175 PSI Air Compressor
  4. 10'W x 8'H x 10'D spray booth (currently being fabricated)
  5. Retractable solvent vapor ventilation trunks
  6. OSHA approved Solvent Storage Cabinets
  7. OSHA approved Solvent Storage Cans
  8. Tri-nocular boom stereo microscope equipped with digital image capturing capabilities
  9. Vacuum suction table
  10. Ultrasonic cleaning tanks
  11. UV filtered track lighting
  12. MIG and arc welding capabilities

The second onsite building, measuring 1925 square feet, is again divided into three areas; an office/clerical support area, materials and crate storage, and a storage area for conservation supplies. The final building, a secure offsite storage facility, adds an additional 2000 square feet of storage within a fire resistant structure. 

The laboratory space is climate controlled as specified. The office support area and storage / supply areas are temperature controlled. The receiving / packing / shipping areas are temperature controlled and can be augmented with portable humidifiers / dehumidifiers when required.


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