Gregory King Painting 

Messiah College


Gregory King "3 Constants" PaintingGregory King, born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, is an artist and filmmaker currently based out of Los Angeles, California. He has extensive experience in a wide range of multimedia arts and exhibits his work in a variety of venues across the country and abroad. His natural talent was supplemented by a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute and an MFA from Hunter College. It was while he attended Hunter College that he became more invested in digital filmmaking. Since that time, he has shot and directed several films including Our House, a documentary that has one top awards at film festivals. While pursuing his filmmaking, King continued to produce artwork and in 2010, that work was featured in the set designs of the popular film saga Twilight.



UV Lighting Revealing StainingThis painting, by Gregory King, was stored in an office at Messiah College in Grantham, Pennsylvania. The painting was inadvertently sprayed with a concentrated propylene glycol solution and B.R. Howard & Associates was contacted to assess any damage to the piece. It was thereby transported to our studios for inspection. Inspection of the object included standard photo documentation as well as infrared and ultra violet examinations. It was determined that the painting itself was structurally sound and in good condition; however, the surface was covered in a propylene glycol solution, as well as dirt and grime. A condition report was created and issued to the college with a treatment proposal attached.



StainingB.R. Howard & Associates was given permission by Messiah College to proceed with the treatment of the painting. As such, the painting was placed on a locking easel to facilitate the treatment process. The surface of the piece was then cleaned using soft cotton swabs saturated with a combination of either a mild enzymatic or other specialized cleaning solution. The piece was then cleaned again, this time using swabs saturated only with de-ionized water. The primary purpose of this cleaning step is to remove any cleaning solution residue from the surface of the piece. Once dried, the surface of the painting received a protective coating using a specifically designed clear resin. When complete, the painting was returned to Messiah College along with a treatment report and associated photo documentation.


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