Our process


Examination & Assessment Report

Step 1

B.R Howard will work with you to schedule a convenient time for an initial examination and assessment to be performed by the team conservators. Depending on your project, this could take place at your location or your object could be picked up or delivered to the lab. 

Throughout the examination, the team considers all the techniques, methods, and materials that could be associated with your project and evaluates which are best suited for your needs. Any foreseeable challenges are adequately researched and possible solutions are formulated. Project goals and priorities are also set in place to ensure success.

Afterwards, B.R. Howard prepares an assessment report. Findings of the examination, recommended treatment options, pros and cons of various methods, logistics and firm fixed pricing options are all detailed within the report.


Conservation treatment

Step 2

Upon receiving client approval to move forward with the project based on the assessment report, B.R. Howard works with you to determine a start date for treatment. B.R. Howard works to coordinate details with any potential 3rd party vendors and orders all needed materials for the project. As the project progresses, B.R. Howard keeps you informed and updated with progress reports.


Final treatment report

Step 3

After treatment is completed, B.R. Howard compiles a detailed report that recaps the treatment process and project goals. Before, during and after treatment images are taken throughout the entire process. Explanations are provided with these images to explain what steps were taken by conservators and what results occurred. 


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