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Thomas Edison Garage, Electric Cars, & Charging Station

Thomas Edison's garage was built in 1908 on the grounds of his historic home, Glenmont. It contains some of the earliest and unrestored electric automobiles, as well as one of the first turn-table charging stations. The garage also houses Edison's locomobile. It was originally steam driven, but he removed those components and converted it to run as an electric battery powered car.

The Edison Innovation Foundation is developing plans and seeking funds to conserve this unique historic structure and collection. Visitors will learn about Edison, the Glenmont site, the electric vehicles, and how these early innovations continue to inspire the alternative energy cars of today.

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1942 Danish Fishing Boat "Hanne Frank"

Used to smuggle more than 7200 Jews to safety during the Holocaust

This is an authentic Holocaust Era 1942 fishing boat built in Denmark. It was originally named "Jorn Finne" and later renamed "Hanne Franke" in 1985. There isn't a way to verify if this ship was used to smuggle over 7200 Jews living along the coast of Denmark over to Sweden by the cover of night during a 3 week period in 1943; but it is an authentic example of the kind used. The boat was transported from Denmark to the Holocaust Museum Houston in 2007 as part of the permanent "Bearing Witness: A Community Remembers" exhibit.

The Hanne Frank is exhibited outdoors and is under constant exposure to the harsh Texas elements. The goal of the museum is to have the boat fully restored/preserved, and to construct a walkway with an awning that will extends over the boat and a boxcar that carried Jews during the Holocaust.

Please help save the Hanne Frank and fight against hatred, prejudice, and apathy by making you tax deductible donation to the HMH org.

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B.R. Howard & Associates Inc. Perservation Efforts

Save Our History B.R. Howard & Associates has been actively committed to the preservation effort of saving history for nearly 20 years. Please partner with help us and contribute to our public awareness fund.  These donations are solely used to help educate the public about our country's rich cultural heritage, and the importance of preserving it for future generations to come.  All contributors will receive a "HELP SAVE HISTORY" sticker in our appreciation for any amount given. We thank you for your support.  



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